Should You Use Solid or Engineered Flooring?

April 13, 2015 Northern Wide Plank

We get this question a lot. Which one is better… solid or engineered flooring?

The Short answer is it depends on your style and your expectations. Although each flooring type has its own unique qualities, you’ll end up gravitating to the type of floor you are most comfortable with. Just like picking a pair of shoes, you pick what looks and feels right for you!

For instance, engineered flooring is typically the preferred choice due to stability and ease of installation. However, some of our customers simply prefer traditional solid wood flooring. So what are the main differences of the two?

Solid wood flooring is exquisite and is expertly crafted in our mills as one piece of wood.  It thrives in moisture controlled settings, however when installed it is important to leave space for the floor to expand and contract based on seasonal moisture changes.

If you are looking to install a solid hardwood floor a Northern Wide Plank team member will be happy to walk you through the installation and care, and will also be able to give advice on whether solid wood flooring is best for your project.

Over the years, engineered flooring garnered a bad reputation in some circles. Some people equated it as ‘inferior’ in quality but this simply isn’t true, like many products it depends on how it is made. At Northern Wide Plank, we prove that our engineered wood flooring is the opposite of inferior.

Our engineering formula is one that involves extensive detail and chemistry that results in a perfectly balanced engineered wood plank. One that offers the same wear layer as our solid format, and is noticeably better in every aspect from the ease of installation right down to the feeling of stability as you walk across the floor every day.

Unlike Solid flooring which only uses one solid piece of wood; engineered floors have multiple layers of wood cross grain laminated with a hardwood lamella on top for superior strength. This cross-layering effect enables the floor to be more stable and have greater resistance to moisture when compared to Solid flooring.

Some benefits to engineered flooring include:

  • Beautiful handcrafted wide plank floors with the same look and feel as a solid floor.
  • Ideal for in floor radiant heating.
  • The same wear layer thickness as solid wood flooring with equal lifetime serviceability.
  • Greater stability to resist cupping and gapping of the floor caused by seasonal changes in humidity.
  • A sustainable solution that uses less of our finite resources such as antique timbers.

The question isn’t really which one is better, but rather: “which flooring type do you prefer?”

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