Nando's Chicken Restaurants

May 13, 2016 Todd Hewines

Nando's renowned for their peri-peri chicken, goes above and beyond in the design of their restaurants and realizing the importance in creating a great atmosphere through good design. With its first Canadian restaurant opening in 1994 Nando's has spread across 3 provinces with 29 restaurant's. Each design is unique but always reflects the roots of the story behind Nando's, creating inviting stores with rich hospitality and a kick of pizazz, just like their famous chicken. Northern Wide Plank is privileged to be involved in the Nando's restaurant projects since their coming to Ontario, where a great amount of reclaimed wood is used as part of creating that inspiring warmth and presence in the overall design.

Products: Reclaimed Hemlock Rodeo, Reclaimed Oak Outpost, Herringbone Mill Creek

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